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Mgray234 2012-06-16 07:22 PM

Web editing
This tool looks like something I could really use...though I have a concern. Is there a way to enter and manage the information from a web browser?

I really need my assistant to be able to enter and edit information so it will sync to my iPad. Our company is not surprisingly PC based. Is there a way to do this?

whpalmer4 2012-06-16 08:24 PM

Unfortunately, at the moment there is not a practical way to do so from anything but OmniPlan, which runs on Mac and iPad only. On the other hand, a refurbished iPad 2 from Apple is only a few hundred bucks (and your copy of OmniPlan will run on it).

This state of affairs (not being able to edit without either Mac or iPad) isn't something I expect to change any time soon, so you shouldn't buy in thinking that you only have to hang on for a few months before they deliver the Windows version.

GilbertDesignWeb 2012-06-22 01:50 PM

But, if they are a programming gig, they can easily pop out something for basic editing, as all your data is saved in plain text XML, therefore, if you use the webdav sync option, you can easily make a web interface for editing and it will fit to your need.

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