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drummergirl 2007-08-04 06:08 PM

Make Dates Show
Is there a way to make the due date display in the context list or in the project list? I would find it most useful to see the due dates on project actions without having to open the inspector. Also, when viewing my context lists, can I make the project column wider? Surely these things are possible...


markbrown00 2007-08-04 08:50 PM

In the preferences just click the "show due date column".

drummergirl 2007-08-04 08:55 PM

OK - I actually figured that one out right after I posted, but thank you for responding. What about the column widths - can we adjust those (yet)? Some of my projects have really long titles and while I can change the width on the left hand side of the screen, I can't find a way to change the column widths for the dates or the project names on the right side. Maybe this is forthcoming?

LizPf 2007-08-06 04:44 AM

Alas, no adjustable widths yet. Sigh ... I really *need* this feature.


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