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Splinky 2014-04-10 06:56 PM

iPad UI Still Brilliant
As a user of OF2 for iPhone, and the OF2 Beta for Mac, I just want to put on record that I think the OF1 for iPad interface is still the best by far.

I love the folder grouping, the indentation and the clarity of presentation.

I [I]really[/I] hope that when time comes for OF2 for iPad, that OmniGroup maintains what makes the iPad version great (notably the nested folder paradigm with extended action boxes).

I would be sad to see it lose what makes it great in the move to a consistent presentation across all versions.

TheWart 2014-05-10 07:15 AM

I am with the OP. Love the clean interface on the Mac (v.1) for large edits and multiple quick entry and Applescripting, but love the iPad (v.1) interface for readability and focus while at work (teaching, walking halls, going to meetings).

GeoffAirey 2014-05-12 02:07 AM

I still like the OF1 for ipad interface, but a cleaner version more in keeping with IOS 7 would be good. more like the OF2 for Mac version.

wilsonng 2014-05-14 01:15 AM

I also love OF1 for iPad's interface. I love the "tile" look which separates the groupings into distinct blocks. It helps me to see the separation between the different groupings. That's something that OF2 for Mac can't do. All the white in OF2 for Mac does make me work a little harder to differentiate the groupings. But I'm getting used to it.

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