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MichaelHG 2012-11-08 09:01 PM

iCloud not shown in settings
I was excited to see that I could set up OF iPhone so that my Siri sends reminders to my default list, and that if I created an OF list in that I could use Siri to send reminders to OF iPhone.

It's not working. Watching the video tutorial I noticed that in OF settings under Capture mine says "Reminders" rather than "iCloud" and that if I go there, even though the screen otherwise looks the same it says Reminders Capture rather than iCloud Capture, and if I switch it on it gives me a list of my OF contexts rather than showing my iCloud account.

Seems like somewhere in this process, I'm missing where to enter my iCloud acct info. The weird thing is that when I first set up Siri to sync with reminders it managed to do so, though it didn't delete the reminders from my reminders list after they were sent to my OF Inbox.

Can someone put me on the right path here? Thanks.

Nevermind. Found the explanation by reading the learn more page in settings.

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