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dhassell 2008-07-14 12:30 AM

OF iPhone 1.0.1?
From the latest release notes of the sneakypeak:

[I]Fixed another sync incompatibility with cPanel WebDAV servers (such as those hosted by [...] Please note that the iPhone version 1.0 of OmniFocus doesn't yet have these fixes; they'll be in version 1.0.1.[/I]

I'm trying to use OF iPhone with Thanks for getting the syncing working with OF Mac, but until those fixes are put into the iPhone version it's useless to me. When can we expect 1.0.1 to be released?

cjgraphix 2008-07-14 05:12 PM

I noticed that too.... lovely how they snuck that in there.

I really hope it's soon so I can sync back and forth and not just from Mac to iPhone. Just like you said... it's useless.

whpalmer4 2008-07-14 09:19 PM

Ken mentioned in another thread that Apple hand-reviews all updates, and it isn't clear how many apps are in line ahead of them, or how many people Apple has doing this review process. I think it is a safe bet that Omni is at least as interested in getting 1.0.1 out there as you are in getting it...

dhassell 2008-07-15 10:22 AM

I just got my first round of iPhone app updates pushed through iTunes, so hopefully they're getting through the queue quickly (and provided Omni has pushed it to them already).

Brian 2008-07-16 10:35 PM

Yes, the release has been pushed to Apple, but that's all I know.

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