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readparse 2010-06-08 04:34 PM

HTML Export: htmld extension
In the export dialog, with the Format set to "HTML Full Report," there is a checkbox labeled:

[I]If no extension is provided, use ".htmld"[/I]

My preference is to [B]not[/B] use the "htmld" extension. So leaving that checkbox unchecked [I]should[/I] give me want I want, I would think. It will not use an extension, even though I provided no extension.

The actual behavior is infuriating and a little hard to pin down. The directory is almost always created with the "htmld" extension. I am occasionally successful in creating an export directory without the "htmld" extension, but only when the directory with the extension already exists and, even then, only sometimes. I tried very hard to find consistency but eventually had to give up. I succeed in exporting a directory without the file extension an extremely small percentage of the time.

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