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brianogilvie 2010-06-03 07:27 PM

OmniFocus icon changes color in Finder and Dock
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Hi--I'm coming back to the forum after a long absence due to work taking over. I'm glad to see development is continuing on OF 1.8 for the Mac. However, I am writing now with a trivial but intriguing issue I've discovered.

I've noticed that when I keep OmniFocus 1.7 open for a while on my MacBook Air (and it may have occurred with my now dead MacBook Pro) under Snow Leopard, the icons in the Dock and the Finder change color, from a kind of pinkish purple to a more muted purple. If I restart, the color resets for a while. Intriguingly, the actual icon file keeps the original color, as this screenshot shows:


The Finder is on the left; Path Finder, showing the icon file, is on the right.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

policarpo 2010-06-04 08:48 AM

Are you running the latest version of Snow Leopard?

TimothyMDean 2010-09-09 11:44 AM

I am seeing this problem with version 1.7.5 on Snow Leopard. Is there a known reason for this?

whpalmer4 2010-09-09 11:54 AM

I've seen this (or something similar) occasionally when plugging and unplugging an external monitor that uses a substantially different color profile than the display on my Macbook, possibly combined with some fast user switching to a test account that doesn't have either display calibrated. I haven't seen any evidence that it is Omni's fault except to the degree that they chose an icon color where the color shift is more apparent...I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've even seen the blue icon in the dock when OmniFocus isn't running.

derekr 2010-09-09 12:22 PM

I see it with Adium, too. My dark blue icon gradually goes down to a much lighter shade..... Maybe I should look into it!

joshfree 2011-01-21 10:51 AM

I mentioned this many months ago and was about to do another post on it when I found this one. Same deal! I'm running 10.6.6, but this has been happening for a while. Now my OmniOutliner app has lost its high-res logo. I'll attach images so you can see both problems. This is kind of strange. It's only affecting my apps from Omni.


And here's the OmniOutliner weirdness:


Anyone know what's going on with this?

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