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derick 2008-03-05 02:37 PM

How can I apply a style to a selection?
I'm trying to apply a style in OO Pro to a selection within a row, i.e. not the entire row, just a few words.

I select the text, then press F1 for the style. Nothing happens.

I drag the style chit onto the selected text. Nothing happens.

With the text selected, I show styles view, then press F1 for the style. The style is applied to the entire row [B]except[/B] for the selection.

Without selecting the text, I show styles view. As soon as I click to make a selection, styles view turns off.

Is there any way to just apply a style to selected text, not an entire row? I don't want to go mousing around the inspectors every time I want to highlight a word. Please tell me there's a better option.

derick 2008-03-07 08:04 AM

Ok - this seems to be an issue with function keys being globally remapped on the machine, not an OOP issue. Sorry for any confusion :)

DerekM 2008-03-14 03:34 PM

There is a pref for OO to use Control + number instead of the Function keys, but that will interfere with Spaces shortcuts if you're using them and 10.5 :/

This option is under OmniOutliner menu -> Preferences -> Keyboard tab -> 'Apple named styles with:' at the bottom

VB-23 2008-03-25 06:16 PM

I think this question demonstrates the potential value of TAO's implementation of styles (one I would love to see reproduced in OO 4.0)-essentially a pop-up list allowing multiple selections/applications of named styles. This implementation makes it very easy to both see and set a row's styles.

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