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shibumila 2008-03-10 02:33 PM

Text Box with Underline
Using OG Pro 5.0

I want to create a shape which is simply a text box with a single border line on the bottom. I see shapes with the line on top and bottom, and brackets.. but just a line on the bottom.

I've tried to create my own custom shape, but it seems that the stroke wants to do all sides, which makes sense. And when I try to combine a simple line with a text box, it doesn't allow me to add it as a custom shape.

The reason I want this shape, is that it would be very helpful when I do a table. I've spent a long time trying to make this happen, and I know it must really be a 5 minute problem.

Please advise...



Joel 2008-03-10 02:36 PM

I'd suggest using the "Line" shape in the Lines and Shape Inspector (it's the last shape available in the lower palette), and then setting the Y offset percentage to -20% in the Text Inspector, that winds up getting what you might be looking for.

Hope that helps,

shibumila 2008-03-10 10:08 PM

That didn't work so well. It would be great if I just needed an underline text shape. But the problem is that the line is centered in the bounding box, so when I create a table, the line is centered in the cell and not at the bottom.

The shape that has the line on the top/bottom is great (except for the line at the top Can I edit that shape somehow?

Thanks again,


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