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deegee 2008-03-06 02:28 AM

OG 5 Pro not working under 10.4.11?
I know the new Leopard 10.5 is great, I'm using it at home. But at work, we're still on 10.4 and I guess we're not the only ones to wait a bit before upgrading to Leopard (numerous problems with existing software need to be solved well before we can make the step).

So I'm surprised Omni chooses to release OG5 as a Leopard-only release. I'm entitled to the free update, received the new license codes today, but can't use it until we upgrade to Leopard in a few months or so...

Seems to me that releasing a new version of a software product which only works on 10.5 just 5 months after 10.5 was released is not very good policy. If my numbers are right (keynote Steve Jobs in January), still 40% of Mac users are on 10.4!

Ken Case 2008-03-06 07:17 AM

OmniGraffle 4 still works on 10.4, and we'll give a free OmniGraffle 4 license to anyone who buys OmniGraffle 5 but needs to be able to run OmniGraffle on 10.4. (Of course, in your case you already have an OmniGraffle 4 license.)

So why did we choose to go Leopard-only? There are lots of significant new developer features in Leopard that make our developers more efficient, such as the first major update to Objective C in over fifteen years. Taking advantage of those Leopard-only features makes the application run faster and saves us time in writing it; but taking advantage of those features means that, unfortunately, it no longer runs on Tiger. We had to decide whether we wanted OmniGraffle 5 to have more improvements (more efficient developers means we have more time to improve it—and, of course, leveraging Leopard features means we get some improvements that are otherwise impossible) or to be a more compatible product, and for OmniGraffle 5 we chose to make more improvements.

(We made the opposite choice for OmniFocus 1.0, much to the disappointment of our development team on that product. But in OmniFocus' case we didn't have an earlier Tiger-compatible version we could give our customers, and we wanted OmniFocus to be available to people who hadn't yet made the switch to Leopard.)

Make sense?

dude 2008-03-06 09:17 AM

deegee, I would normally agree but to move forward you must leave behind.

I use OGP every day and I already have Leopard installed ;-) . I would move to Leopard period to use OGP and OO. For OF, until .Mac syncing or some sync for multiple computers is let loose for the common man, my licenses will go unused.

One of the big things I like about Apple is that after a certain time, they cut the string on support for hardware that is old. This makes it much easier for them to advance. MS still tries to support crap that is way to old!

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