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Robster 2009-01-11 01:19 AM

iCal syncing not working!!!!!!!!

I am desperate to find a to do solution that generates alarms.

I thought Omnifocus with its iCal sync might just do the job for me but I cannot seem to make the iCal sync work.

Can anyone give me any pointers?

I only have 2 calendars in iCal, one called Private and a new one called omnifocus.

I have dropped the Office and Errands contexts onto omnifocus and Home on to my Private calendars.
I was ASSUMING I would see entries suddenly appear in these calendars with appropriate alarms set but I see nothing.

Can anyone help please before my eval period is up?



Greg Jones 2009-01-11 06:21 AM

OmniFocus will sync its Actions (tasks) to the To Do (tasks) list in iCal. First, ensure that you have synced the tasks (File>Synchronize with iCal) as syncing to iCal is not automatic. If you click on the push-pin in iCal, I expect you will see the tasks that have synced.

Syncing will not create new events, with alarms, in iCal from the tasks contained in OmniFocus, if that was the behavior you were expecting. Events and tasks are not the same thing, so they cannot directly sync to/from iCal and OmniFocus.

On my system I have set up Growl to give me notifications when Actions that have an assigned start date/time are available. For me this provides the same functionality as what I get for alarms of events in iCal. I don't sync anything from OmniFocus to iCal, although I do use a script available here in the Extras forum to move over the occasional action that needs to be made into an event.

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