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jstrat 2007-07-20 06:25 AM

Feature Request: Sticky Note Display
It would be really handy for Task notes to stay in the state I leave them. That is to say if I open a note on a task I want it to stay open until I close it. So if I change to context view and then come back to project view and the task I was looking at originally its note will still be open and viewable.

How it currently works is not very friendly as I have to continually open the notes of the tasks I am dealing with.

Many thanks

revjml 2007-07-20 08:51 PM

I agree - it would be nice to leave the notes opened or closed!

curt.clifton 2007-07-21 04:03 AM

Make sure you submit request using Help --> Send Feedback from within OmniFocus.

jstrat 2007-07-23 07:39 AM

Noted and sent!

Craig 2007-07-23 07:57 AM

In the meantime, I find Cmd-' to be a much handier way to toggle notes open and closed than mouse-fishing for the little paperclip.

sprugman 2007-07-23 09:47 AM

You can currently use Enter (on the number pad) to open the notes, and Esc to close them. Not the most intuitive paring, IMO, but there ya go.

jstrat 2007-07-23 11:57 PM

Yeah I use the keyboard short cut which is great for what its meant for, but I still want the note view status to be persistent.

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