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RobTrew 2012-09-30 04:09 PM

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Took a quick look at it.
Ver 016 should now inherit colours and shapes of both root and level 1 branches from any specified template itm or itmz template.

If your template sets the [I]inherited shapes[/I] option, levels 2 onwards will inherit the level 1 shapes.

(I seem to be getting the effect that you are after by specifying the SquareDarkWire template attached below, and something analogous but lighter with the RedOrthog.itmz template below)

(The image also illustrates why one might prefer to switch off the export of links - jumping to the corresponding OF object can be useful, but those globes are quite distracting )


viticci 2012-09-30 06:44 PM

This is perfect Rob, thank you so much. Now shapes and colors are inherited correctly, and like you suggested I removed the links so I don't get the globe icons.

Looking forward to trying a version that writes to .itmz; when you choose "Download and Sync" from iThoughts, you have to put in an additional .itmz file for the app to sync -- apparently, .itm files can be [I]read[/I], but new versions (generated by the script) won't trigger a sync in iThoughts. I think .itmz will do it.

RobTrew 2012-10-01 12:08 AM

[QUOTE=viticci;115399].itm files can be [I]read[/I], but new versions (generated by the script) won't trigger a sync in iThoughts. I think .itmz will do it.[/QUOTE]

That's interesting - thanks for the feedback.

Ver 017 (in first post) adds ITMZ

Ver 018 actually compresses the file, rather than simply storing it uncompressed in a zip (ITMZ) archive.


viticci 2012-10-01 02:14 AM

Great. Version 017 indeed generates .itmz files that can be synced without downloading every time. Thanks Rob!

Version 018 working flawlessly as well.

viticci 2012-10-01 04:52 AM

Just noticed -- stuff like "TIM 19" shows up as "TIM €19" when opening the plain text export in the browser (say, a .txt hosted on Dropbox). When you save the file to a Mac, it is converted again to .

Browser is Safari 6.0.1. on Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

RobTrew 2012-10-01 04:54 AM

Thanks - I'll take a look at the UTF encoding options. May need to have two different TXT exports.


RobTrew 2012-10-01 05:40 AM

The UTF-8 encoding seems to be fine.

You may be encountering a browser settings issue. In Safari, for example, you could try [B]Preferences > Advanced > Default encoding > Unicode (UTF-8)[/B]

viticci 2012-10-01 06:00 AM

Might be some weird edge case. If I preview the file from, I get the encoding error. If I save the file, and re-open it through Safari, it displays correctly. My encoding is set to UTF-8.

Edit: Also happens when viewing the .txt file in the Dropbox app for iOS.

RobTrew 2012-10-01 06:22 AM

Yes, I think the problem is with Dropbox and its default text assumptions.

I'm finding that Safari is immediately able to correctly view the freshly written file in a Dropbox folder, without any need for transformative saving. (As long as Safari's default text encoding is UTF-8)

Viewed through the Dropbox web interface, however, even in Safari, you need to manually choose [B]View > Text Encoding > Unicode[/B] before it is correctly displayed. They seem to be serving up the text with a different default assumption, and perhaps that culture/policy is replicated in their iOS app.

RobTrew 2012-10-01 06:56 AM

As a quick test case - it turns out that the Dropbox web interface similarly fails to correctly display a piece of text saved directly (with UTF-8 encoding), by TextMate …

(Always good to check these things though - thanks for drawing it to my attention).

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