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chrislo2401 2010-09-19 09:36 PM

How do I make an action the 'next action'?
Hi all,

Just bought the iPad version and can't figure out how to move an action up to the top of the list in a project to make it the next action.

I've tried :
[LIST][*]holding down on action[*]clicking once on it to bring up it's properties[/LIST]
...neither of which give an option to move it up (or down) the list.

Not sure what I'm missing.


RiK 2010-09-20 03:11 AM

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Click and hold over the text area of the action, after a couple of seconds the edit mode will kick in and you'll see a delete icon on the left and a move handle on the right which will enable you to reorder as you wish..

See the attachment for an example of what it looks like.

chrislo2401 2010-09-20 05:16 AM

Ah, thanks!

I don't know what I was doing before but I couldn't see the move handles.

Marah310 2010-10-27 06:07 AM

This was very helpful...Thanks!

patgallant 2010-10-27 07:05 AM

The latest version of the iPad app features an "Edit" button above the task list that you can use to re-order your actions

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