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Stephen Brown 2012-11-07 03:46 AM

You can now manually sort actions in contexts
I know this has been requested by users in the past but I think I have found a solution for manually sorting actions in contexts. This has probably been tried before but I’d be interested in everyone’s views.

I have set up my contexts as single action lists in the Projects view of OmniFocus, for example I have the following ‘Projects’;

This Week
Waiting For
Someday Maybe
Project Planning

In the Context view I have my projects;

Work Projects
- Draft report for the boss
- Respond to FOI request for xxx
- Analyse income for November

Now, at the beginning of the week, I review my projects and move all actions I want to complete this week in the ‘This Week’ context. Each day, I scan the ‘This Week’ context and move tasks to ‘Today’. In each of these Contexts I can now manually sort tasks which is great.

This method means I lose the sequential functionality for projects but, after reading through the recent white paper from DavidCo on using OmniFocus for GTD, they recommend you use parallel projects anyway – all actions that are not actionable are given the context ‘Project Planning’.

You also lose the ability to have recurring projects but, although this will be probably be a deal breaker for some, I don't use them anyway.

Well, that’s it. It’s my first day of implementation so issues may pop up but I’m loving it so far.

Has anyone got more experience, or thoughts, regarding this use of OmniFocus?

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