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cemerick 2009-01-28 03:35 AM

Can we have *real* attachments, please?
I'm currently evaluating OmniPlan, and was originally attracted to it in particular because of the potential for linking tasks with OmniGraffle diagrams. However, I just realized that OP "attachments" aren't attachments at all, but simple on-disk references!

(For now, I'll mostly ignore the topic of how that's a pretty egregious misuse of the term "attachment".)

Is there any hope of having *real* attachments that are embedded in OP files?

Lizard 2009-01-28 10:18 AM

We originally tried offering the option of linking (references) or embedding ("real") attachments. However, our testing revealed too many ways that editing embedded attachments in their native applications could lead to data loss. So we removed the ability to embed attachments before we shipped that version. There may be a way for our engineers to work around the data loss to embed files. Please send us an email at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] so we can consider this feature for a future version.

cemerick 2009-01-28 10:31 AM

Yeah, I can totally understand that. I'm very glad I dug into what's actually going on in the background though -- given the name of the feature in the UI (attachments), I completely expected that referenced files were being included in the saved OP file. I can definitely see people putting together a project plan, "attaching" some files with original data, and then deleting the "attached" files.

IMO, you may want to consider calling that feature "linking" in v2.0, and providing a command that will pull together a .zip archive containing all of the linked files and a copy of the OP file that resolves all of the linked files using a relative path.

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