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karben 2009-07-03 06:55 AM

Context View, grouped by Due date, sorts actions too soon [BUG: report to ninjas]
Here's some undesirable behavior, I do believe:

In Context view, I start creating a new item within the "Due today" group. I fill in the name. Hit tab. Fill in the Project. Hit tab. Fill in the Context. Hit tab. And BAM! my item disappears from where I've been typing, and drops to the bottom of the page, under the "No due date" group. So then I have to scroll down and fill in that date, to get it to pop back up again.

HOWEVER, if instead I fill in the name, hit tab, fill in the project, and hit tab TWICE to get to the date field, I can type in "today," "tomorrow," "next mon" (whatever), and then hit SHIFT-TAB to back up to the Context field, then the item will nicely stay in place.

Rather inconvenient. A workaround for me would be to somehow switch the Due and Context columns, so at least I can type them in order without the item relocating.

Toadling 2009-07-03 07:14 AM

I haven't run into this particular issue myself, but I have seen similar situations. I agree it's a bit annoying. Maybe actions with field changes that impact sort order, grouping, or visibility in the current view should instead remain in place until a clean up command is issued?

Have you sent feedback directly to Omni? Go to Help -> Send Feedback in OmniFocus.


Brian 2009-07-08 05:53 PM

This is a known bug in context view when grouped by due date - please do email the [EMAIL=""]Support Ninjas[/EMAIL] and let them know you encountered it.

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