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zottel 2006-11-12 07:26 AM

Google start page only loads on reload (5.5.1)
When I load my personal Google start page directly (i.e. on startup when it's loaded as the snapshot of my default workspace as well as when I enter "" in the location bar), OW says it could not load the address, "Netzverbindung unterbrochen" (that's the German message; the English one should be sth like "connection broken"). When I hit reload, then, it works without problems. If I use the link in the error message, it doesn't work. It [i]does[/i] work always if I use the back button to go back to the page, although everything is reloaded to reflect changes.

This is the case about 95% of the times I try, but not always (so e.g. sometimes clicking on the link in the error message does work, but seldomly). It didn't happen with 5.5.1-beta or any other version before. I didn't see any other web page yet where this happens.

Has anyone seen something similar?

(Also reported this via Feedback.)

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