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kingsinger 2011-08-22 06:57 PM

Start Dates in Forecast View
I'm running 1.11 on my 1gen iPod touch (which is running the newest version of iOS 3). Not seeing start dates in Forecast view. Release notes indicate that the calendar events in Forecast are iOS 4 only, but they say nothing about start dates.

Indeed, when I hit the eye button, I get the option of toggling start dates on and off. But when I set a task to a start date in the next few days and sync it, it doesn't show up on that day.

Anyone else had an issue like that.


Lizard 2011-08-25 01:41 PM

Start dates visible in forecast shouldn't be affected by what version of iOS you're running. Double-check that the action isn't made unavailable for some other reason (like a later project start date). Then maybe email our Support Ninjas with a screenshot or two so they can help you out. [email][/email]

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