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picnichouse 2009-10-24 02:35 PM

Posting specific lists to the web?

Does anyone know of a way to post certain lists to a web address?

A few of my perspectives consist of tasks that I'm waiting on other people to do - I'd love to be able to have those sync to the Web so those people could see the list whenever they want.

Seems like Omnifocus' "Export to HTML" functionality should make this possible somehow...



Satri 2009-10-26 04:42 AM

I use 'Export to html' for this. However, there is no 'sync' capabilities at the moment, or 'export every [insert time frequency]'. This is annoying. I guess I could try to build an AppleScript for this, but in my opinion, it should be built into OF. I encourage you to log a feature request with the OF support Ninjas... already did mine :-)

lars.steiger 2009-10-26 11:55 PM

Hi there,

If you like, you can try my service called Spootnik ([url][/url]).

It synchronizes OmniFocus with Basecamp and vice versa and thus helps to share tasks with your team-mates or to show your progress to clients and get feedback.

It's a "paid by month" service with a 30-day trial period. Don't hesitate to write me ( if you have any questions.

- Lars

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