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Brian 2010-04-09 11:23 AM

Like OmniFocus? Don't do GTD? Welcome!
While it's true that OmniFocus grew out of a GTD tool, it's our goal to build a tool that helps folks be more productive regardless of their preferred organizational system.

I'd like to use this thread as a starting point to collect useful resources for folks using those systems. My hope is to eventually un-sticky this thread and replace it with a F.A.Q.-style sticky with a collection of useful links organized by productivity system.

Doing some forum and google searches, I came up with a couple of resources. Help in finding the legions of others I've probably missed would be greatly appreciated. :-)

[B]Franklin-Covey (Seven Habits) [/B][LIST][*]Forum Link: [URL=""]Quadrants (Franklin-Covey)[/URL][*]Net Link: [URL=""]Getting the right things done Franklin style (almost) using OmniFocus[/URL][/LIST]
[B]Pomodoro Technique[/B] [LIST][*]Net Link: [URL=""]GTD, OmniFocus, & Pomodoros[/URL][*]Forum Link: [URL=""]Establishing a Routine[/URL][*]Net Link: [URL=""]The Pomodoro Technique, or how a tomato made me more productive[/URL][*]Net Link: [URL=""][/URL][/LIST]
[B]Auto-Focus[/B][LIST][*]Forum Link: [URL=""]Autofocus on lifehacker[/URL][*]Net Link: [URL=""]Autofocus section of Mark Forster's website[/URL][*]Net Link: [URL=""]OmniFocus and AutoFocus 2[/URL][/LIST]
Like I said - I'm sure there are other systems I'm missing here. Point them out and I'm happy to add them.

Natdog 2010-04-09 12:27 PM

This isn't necessarily a 'system' per-se... it actually comes out of GDT i guess, but as much as I use, like, and depend on OmniFocus, I do really miss some things about Life Balance. I could list them if you like. I think I have mentioned it in other threads though.

Brian 2010-04-09 05:02 PM

Thanks, Natdog! My primary goal for the FAQ I mentioned above is to collect ideas on ways folks can use OmniFocus/software to implement productivity systems that are traditionally paper-based.

Any Life Balance links or threads (from these forums or elsewhere on the net) that you think would be helpful to other OmniFocus customers are certainly welcome, though. We my not ultimately collect them in the same place, but it would still be a great resource. Thanks!

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