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avandelay 2011-05-15 09:14 AM

keeping "due/flagged" perspective refreshed
In my "due/flagged" perspective, things that are due "today" and "tomorrow" get out of date, as the window's display doesn't seem to update itself.

As an example, I have a daily recurring task "free write for 10 minutes" that was due today, Sunday. I'd opened the perspective window yesterday (Saturday), so it was showing as "tomorrow", even though it's now Sunday -- this despite my hitting CMD-K to clean up the window. I finally closed the perspective window and re-opened it, and it correctly changed to being due "today".

Any way besides closing and re-opening the window to refresh this window? I like to keep it open on a continuous basis as an evolving "to do" list.

avandelay 2011-05-19 10:16 AM

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Well, I figured out how to get the relative dates ("today", "yesterday", "tomorrow") to update -- I have to click on the tiny calendar icon just to the right of the date, and then it updates from "today" to "yesterday". I'd think the Clean Up command would take care of this, but in my experience it doesn't.

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