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chat-noir 2008-09-08 06:18 AM

Resource start date
Hi there

How can i fix a resource so that it doesn't start until a certain date in the project (I speak of the human kind)?

I have a task breakdown for these people, but it's not reflecting accurately because I can not fix the date they are dues to start which is a few months ahead.



whpalmer4 2008-09-09 10:55 PM

If you flip to the "calendar" view mode, you can select the resource(s) in question, then select "Work schedule for <resourcename>" above the calendar in the lower left corner. Delete the green availability blocks from the calendar until the date that the resource becomes available for use. OmniPlan shouldn't attempt to schedule its use until that point. I agree that this is a tedious operation if the start date is a long time in the future!

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