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SpiralOcean 2007-07-10 06:25 AM

Tagging Searchbox
Here's a script that will enter a term into the search box and remember the last five unique terms used.

The purpose of the script is to help with a workaround for tagging using the search box.

One of the problems with tagging is remembering what your tags are...
and typing them out.
This script attempts to assuage this annoyance.

I use this script in conjunction with Curt's script for tagging projects with No Actions & a modification of his script that tags actions with no context and for some of my own tagging conventions.

There are two scripts with this file...
Tagging Searchbox - This is a script you can read & run
Tagging Searchbox Run Only - a script that must be run by another application like LaunchBar or QuickSilver.

Bon Appetite!

SpiralOcean 2007-07-10 08:46 PM

Scripts 0.2
1 Attachment(s)
Newer Version. Fixed a bug when there was a duplicate entry.

SpiralOcean 2007-07-10 09:07 PM

One way to run applescripts is to use QuickSilver or LaunchBar.

I have my frequently used applescripts in a folder called Utility Scripts in my Documents folder. I include that folder in my launcher of choice... which for the moment is LaunchBar.

When I want to run this Tagging Search script...

The dialog box pops up,
I arrow down to make my choice
hit enter

and the search is performed.

One 'feature' of this script is to clear out the search field...
And the search field is cleared.

(clicking on the cancel button in the list box will send an empty string to the OmniFocus search field)

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