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dalestock 2013-04-20 04:36 AM

Context not recognized

I'm using OF on Mac and iPad for a long time without any issues.

Today I decided to use it on my iPhone, too.

I sync using OmniSync, no issues.

But: within two hours of using OF on iPhone I ran into an issue two times.
I have an action with a context called "Keynote". If I go to contextes to see what actions are related to "Keynote" there is nothing. If I do exactly the same on iPad, just see contextes, I see an entry in "Keynote". So, there are different results on iPad and iPhone.

Of course, I've synced all devices, no errors. I see new created actions on both devices, iPhone and iPad, any direction, but - iPhone still doesn't show any activities related to "Keynote" while on iPad and Mac I can see one action/activity related to context "Keynote".

Interesting: that one action related to context "Keynote" is not shown at "without context" - clear, because it has "Keynote", but context "Keynote" doesn't show that one activity :-(

Any hints?

Thank you.


dalestock 2013-04-20 04:51 AM

aha, that one action was not "active", it's a sequential project and that activity is the 2nd one, if I change to order I can see it on contextes view...but why is it different to iPad? Maybe settings...I'll check this

dalestock 2013-04-20 04:53 AM

my fault: I've different settings for view...(remaining, available, etc.)


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