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dirkhschulz 2008-12-15 09:29 PM

OmniFocus not syncing into CalDAV calendar?
I am using a server based calender in iCal that is sync'd with CalDAV on Leopard.

OmniFocus (1.03) does not offer syncing tasks into this calender, only into the locally generated standard calendars.

Is there a way to make OmniFocus do it? Does the new version offer this?

Brian 2008-12-16 01:00 PM

Dirk, CalDAV is a feature that's only present in Mac OS 10.5 and later; since OmniFocus 1.x releases need to support users on Mac OS 10.4, CalDAV isn't supported.

It is under consideration for inclusion in a future version of OmniFocus; if you'd like to see this added, use "Send Feedback" under the Help menu to let the support ninjas know. They'll add your request to our development database.

dirkhschulz 2008-12-16 09:34 PM


thanks for your fast answer.

Yes, CalDAV would be the most elegant way of syncing directly to my groupware server, but it would be sufficient to write into a calendar that iCal uses via CalDAV; at least I think that OmniFocus would not need CalDAV for that?


Andrew 2008-12-17 03:05 PM

OmniFocus shows any calendars that the Calendar API provides access to. I assume that the reason that we don't show the calendar in question is that it's not hosted on the local system, that iCal accesses it via CalDAV.

hackeron 2011-03-13 10:42 PM

All my calendars are CalDav - is there a plugin to sync OmniFocus with CalDav directly or maybe some kind of other workaround?

At present it is impossible for me to sync with any of my calendars which is a feature I was really hoping to use :/

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