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ardyayaf 2011-02-20 06:31 PM

How to stop a line snapping to object in Omnigraffle?
I've never used this program before, but here are 2 solutions that work with other software:Somewhere in your Upper Drop-down Menus, there is a switch called 'Snap to Point', and it is active. If you click on it, it will become unactive.

lsamberg 2011-02-21 04:35 AM

...or you could just hold down the OPTION key while drawing the line.

neteng 2011-03-02 08:47 AM

Little excess at the end of a line
So I have learned about shift and option keys while line drawing from other posts in the forum. Very helpful. But what about this?

When I draw a line often I get a little 90 degree bend at the start or end of the line because my trackpad is very sensitive and my finger moves slightly up or down when I double click to release the line.

What can be done to have OG disregard that movement?


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