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hardcoreUFO 2007-07-20 06:01 AM

Object reflection effect
Is there a way of adding reflections to objects (rather than shadows)? I am thinking something similar to what KeyNote offers.

Thanks in advance.

Wim Lewis 2007-07-21 09:49 AM

No, shadows are the only "special effect" Graffle provides. We've thought about adding others, but we don't have any particular plans as yet.

philonous 2007-07-23 09:24 AM

Use Image Play
in tandem with OG. Image Tricks
is also a good companion. Both are free and use the built-in core image commands. Only Imageplay does reflections. You can search for more free programs that do these neat effects, but these two work best in my experience.

hardcoreUFO 2007-07-23 02:15 PM

Thanks for the links!

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