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gumby 2006-08-01 11:46 AM

Feature request: Calendar subscription
IWBNI the calendar view (well the calendar) could subscribe to a calendar (e.g. a holiday calendar). Two ways that would be useful:
[LIST=1][*]Just display entries at the top of the appropriate column[*]Make events in the calendar exclude working time.[/LIST]
The first would be good for (e.g.) the list of holidays, since not all public holidays are work holidays (especially if you subscribe to several, like your customers' countries' holiday calendars too) -- you can manually notice that. The second is good for things like company calendars (with actual holidays, all-handses and the like.

They'd be handy in the timeline view too but I don't know how to do it without making things cluttered.

Lizard 2006-08-01 06:13 PM

We do allow you to import a calendar for holidays and other times to exclude from regular work, either for the whole project or a single resource (personal vacation, etc.).
:eek: However, we accidentally hid that button and need to put it back in. Watch for it in a future beta.

gumby 2006-08-01 10:28 PM

Does it automatically exclude the resource? That wouldn't work if you imported any old calendar (which might still give you valuable info). I.e. a world cup calendar might not mark out actual vacations but it might warn you of a time of increased absenteeism.

Also subscribe would be really good rather than manual import. That means that a company calendar [I]could[/I] be used for automatic holiday etc scheduling.

rrr 2006-09-19 06:50 AM

has the feature to allow subscription to calendars been (re)implemented?

if so how do I import a calendar?

Lizard 2006-09-19 05:34 PM

It's on the "To Do" list for beta 7 (but not guaranteed). Check the release notes when that gets posted.

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