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Gary Reimer 2009-10-27 11:11 AM

modifying a Perspective
I have set up a perspective by first selecting a number of projects, clicking on Focus and then switching to Contexts. Then I selected the contexts I want it to include. Then using Save window I created the Perspective. Now my question. I need to make adjustments to the list of focussed projects in this Perspective. How can I modify this for this Perspective? I tried to make a modification by first switching back to Planning Mode which then shows only the projects that I focussed on. Then by doing a select all in the Project column and clicking on Show All I see the full list of projects with my focussed projects highlighted. I would then have added or removed projects as i needed, but the Focus button is greyed out. To make a change I have to start over from scratch deselecting the projects and then selecting them all over again one by one but with the changes I was wanting.

I'm hoping there is some more efficient way to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


whpalmer4 2009-11-05 02:43 PM

Gary, when I try to reproduce your steps, everything seems to work fine. Here's something you could try, however: use the popup menu (right click or control click to get it) to try to focus if the button is not active.

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