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bolshi 2012-03-30 12:47 PM

Wireframe in a specific size
Hello to everyone. That's my first post. I'm from Berlin in Germany. I'm glad to find you because I've got a problem using Omnigraffle 5.2.3.

Actually I want to create a Wireframe for a Website. I need a specific width of 1000px. But the only way to change things is from vertical to horizontal format.

Is there a way to create a worksheet with 1000px width and 800px height?

Kind regards, Ingo

pjp 2012-03-30 05:04 PM

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You can change the canvas size to your liking in the Canvas Size inspector. (See attached screenshot.)

First, set the ruler units to pixels, then uncheck the "size is multiple of printer sheets" and the "auto-adjust the canvas size" checkboxes.

Finally, enter your desired values in the canvas size fields and you should be set!

bolshi 2012-03-31 07:44 AM

I tried to follow you. It works with the measure. But I don't understand the [URL=""]vertical line in the middle of my worksheet[/URL].

lrs 2012-04-01 11:47 AM

It's a little tricky b/c you're screenshot has the inspector settings in German. But the line demarcates where you're page breaks are according to page setup since you are now set to multiple of printer sheets, I [I]think[/I]. I actually was coming back to this forum to resolve an issue around fitting to one page and saw this and wanted to offer a [I]little[/I] help. You can clearly see though your diagram is 1000px by the ruler.

It can be sort of trial and error. Sometimes I just use the "auto-adjust canvas size" and then create either a PDF or JPG and crop that file b/c it's easier to manage. Also, I do that b/c sometimes at client's sites I can't make sense of their printer settings or the tray for 11x17 and all that.

john.gersh 2012-04-02 06:11 AM

That's right; it's the page break. One can verify that by unchecking Page Breaks in the View menu. The line should disappear.

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