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ion 2006-07-27 08:31 AM

how to create round curved connectors
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Is there a way to create connectors where the connector line follows a slice of a circle (see attachment)?
How would I do that?
TIA for help.

urbain 2006-11-21 10:06 AM

I would also be very interested to know if it's possible to create circular arrows.

Hope someone know the trick.

CU Jerome

Joel 2006-11-21 03:00 PM

You can use straight line types with a midpoint to create a 90 degree corner, and then apply a very large corner radius in the Lines and Shape Inspector to create a perfect arc.


ronpar 2006-11-21 09:35 PM

Take a look at the arcs script at:

(someone pointed these out to me in regards to a question I had)


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