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pb4072 2011-10-17 07:41 AM

Blowing away my efforts [Document and/or template has auto-layout enabled.]
After spending a lot of time on the canvas straightening out some objects, usually making subordinate objects vertical to the manager, I see all of my handiwork blown away when I go to add a new "child" to an object in the outline panel. They all go back to being horizontal. That's a drag. Am I doing something wrong here? Does the full outline have to be done before any editing can occur on the canvas? That seems silly, because, there's definitely no room for all of the objects in their default state.

Brian 2011-10-17 05:10 PM

Sorry for the trouble, Peter - sounds like your document has the Auto-Layout feature enabled, perhaps because it's based on one of the templates that have that setting enabled.

You can turn it off for this document in the Diagram Layout tab of the Canvas inspector.

(Templates in the Brainstorming and Org Chart sections have it enabled by default; it's also possible it got turned on accidentally.)

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