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someonelse 2008-03-06 08:50 AM

I'm on a Mac. Where on the hard drive does Omnioutliner store the backups?

someonelse 2008-03-06 09:31 AM

Anyone? Any idea at all? I'm stuck here, I need my last back up. Its not giving me the option to load it, it just loads the last saved file.
Where is my backup?

someonelse 2008-03-06 09:55 AM

I'm starting to get kinda ticked off here. this program is supposed to keep the last 3 backups right? so where the hell are they? I have searched my drives, I have looked through the forum and read the faq, there seems to be no obvious way to access the back ups.

someonelse 2008-03-06 10:08 AM

so, my entire day then was just a waste I guess. After getting up early and writing all morning, not saving because I could see the icon popping up every so often, the computer lost power for 30 seconds and now everything is gone?
I don't mind re-typing things, but creativy can't be reproduced.

Brian 2008-03-06 10:26 AM

OmniOutliner stores your automatic backups in the document itself - we store your last save in the data fork of the file, and the automatic backups are stored in the resource fork.

The first time you open the file after a crash, etc, you'll be presented with a 'do you want to use your last backup, or the last version you saved' dialog.

Were you editing an existing file, or was this a brand-new file? The automatic backups kick in once you save the file to disk for the first time; if the file has never been saved at all, we don't have a document to save your backups to...

someonelse 2008-03-06 10:51 AM

I saved the file last night. this morning I opened it up and started writing. I lost power to the computer and had to reboot. when it asked if I wanted to open the backup I said yes. I looked at what it had but it I thought there might be another version with more material in it (it hadn't backed up every word) so I quit and didn't save and began to search for the actual back up files, thinking it would work similar to Word where I could locate a folder with several versions of my file in it that I could choose from.
So are you suggesting that when I clicked on 'Don't Save' I lost everything I wrote? That really sucks. I recently made the move to OO from MS Word, while I miss the spell checker I love the flexability of OO. Today's incident might make me reconsider. I like this program for outlining, but when it comes to creative writing I need a better security system than one backup that might not be there. MS Word saves like 10 back ups in a different place than the original, I was really hoping that this would be the same way.

Roger Barre 2008-03-06 11:44 AM

It's my understanding that there is no separate backup file. The backup is part of the original file.

Help says: "When you turn on the backup function in OmniOutliner's general preferences, a backup version of your outline is kept in the file as you work on it. In the case of a crash, power failure, or other nasty event, the backup version will remain in the file. When you open the file again, you'll be asked whether you'd like to use the last saved version or the automatically-saved backup version."

This suggests to me that when the program asked you if you wanted to open the backup and you said yes, and saw that text you thought should be there wasn't there ... that OO had, indeed opened a backup file, but that changes were made to the text after the last backup was saved. That's why you didn't see what you thought you'd see.

In Preferences, you have an option for how long an interval between automatic backups. I set mine to 3 minutes.

Also, for future reference, it seems that emailing Omni's technical support works much faster than posting here. This forum is very good, but it ain't fast.

Good luck.


someonelse 2008-03-06 12:37 PM

actually I still haven't heard back from them yet.

Is there a way to even get that backup? or is it gone then?

Brian 2008-03-06 12:40 PM

Unfortuntely, yes; when you quit and didn't save the changes, OmniOutliner interpreted that as "No, I don't want those changes after all."

If you're using 10.5, Time Machine would help you get your file back.

One thing I wanted to follow up on - if the documentation says that we save 3 backups, that's in error. Can you point me at where you read that, so I can get that fixed?

JKT 2008-03-06 12:42 PM

[QUOTE=someonelse;33982]while I miss the spell checker[/QUOTE]
OmniOutliner uses the systemwide spelling (and if you are on Leopard, grammar) checker. Turn it on under the Edit menu.

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