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drummergirl 2010-05-14 02:19 PM

Hiding Child Actions
I can't seem to make this work no matter what options I set so I'm begging for some help here. I have a packing list for my band's gig tomorrow night in a project with other tasks related to the event. What I want is to have the "packing list" task show in the context list as due tomorrow, but instead I get the whole list of items to pack. What am I doing wrong?

The parent has a default context, but none of the items in the packing list have a context. Can I make this work?

Brian 2010-05-14 03:45 PM

Drummergirl, sorry for the confusion here. We'll be changing OmniFocus to behave this way in the near future, but the current release does not consider rows that have children to be actions. They are containers for actions, but not actions themselves; that's why they don't show up in Context view.

If you're comfortable running prerelease software that hasn't been through our full testing process, you can grab a version of the application that does what you want from [URL=""]this page[/URL] on our website.

drummergirl 2010-05-17 04:33 AM

Thanks - I'm willing to give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes.

francola 2010-05-17 05:27 AM

Is there any way to have only the parent title of the project show up in context mode with the child actions collapsible?

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