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ldd23 2007-07-26 12:45 PM

5.6sp (v611) Copying long links broken
On the page at [url][/url] when I try to copy the link "View digital images..." by right-clicking and selecting "Copy Link to Clipboard" what gets transferred to the clipboard is truncated with an ellipsis in the middle.

I should get "" but I actually get "…buildsrchxc.asp?WC=N&SS=Y&CN=ms_408".

Huh. It looks like this bug depends on what program I'm pasting into. When I pasted the link into this form field in OmniWeb it came out right, but when I paste into TextEdit or VoodooPad Lite I get the truncated version of the link. So I guess I'm not sure whether the bus is an OmniWeb bug or a bug in the other programs or one of Apple's Cocoa text editing widgets.

troyb 2007-08-01 11:16 AM

When you copy a link OmniWeb sends a lot of data to your paste board. This includes the title of the link and of course the URL itself. It's then up to the receiving application to parse that information into something usable. Most rich text applications are going to take the title and make that link to the URL--just like a link on a webpage.

If the page you're linking doesn't have a title it uses the url which is truncated if it is too long. Personally I think this should be the linked text you copied out, something for the future i guess.

Handycam 2007-08-01 11:32 AM

I can confirm what Troy says. Copying that link & pasting into TextMate gives me a full link:


Of course, the board here truncates it, so you have to take my word for it...

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