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Rivkah 2008-03-14 04:40 AM

How to Edit Subgraph?
I'd like to use the subgraph feature to expand-collapse process-subprocesses diagram. I've grouped several subprocesses in a sub graph but noticed I didn't have a line connector between two sub-processes. How can I add the connector to the subgraph? How could I add another sub-process within the sub-graph.

I really don't want to ungroup, add the connector, reselect, (perhaps forget another piece), then regroup. I'd really like to drag-n-drop the connector onto the subgraph or open another window to edit the subgraph, or ...?

Further, I could see building a high level diagram and then returning to individual processes to add sub-process details (and details to those sub-processes, ad nauseum)

Perhaps, this is a feature request in disguise. Or, I missed a step. Or, ... Heelllllpppppp!?

Keep up the great work.

Joel 2008-03-14 07:31 AM

You can set whether to connect to the group as a whole or to its components in the Connections Inspector (even though it says group, it works for subgraphs as well). If it's set to connect to the components, then you don't have to ungroup to connect a component to another component in the subgraph.

Rivkah 2008-03-14 08:46 AM

Thanks for your quick reply.

I guess I wasn't clear.

The two object I'm connecting are within a subgraph. I tried what you suggested, however, the connector remains outside the group and visible when group is collapsed.

And I want to add another Object inside an existing (and perhaps complex) subgraph. The added object should become part of the subgroup.


Joel 2008-03-14 10:05 AM

Hummph. I can connect two objects inside a subgraph just fine on my end, so long as that connection setting allows it.

You can also manage this as well as add objects within the subgraph in the Outline Editor.

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