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01graziano 2009-05-20 05:06 AM

[Feature request] iCal data
Hi there,
I'm using OmniPlan since few months and I usually manage many tasks grouped by project, in the same OmniPlan project file.
Now I've started using the export feature to import all tasks into iCal, but i've notice a little problem :D : there's no way to distinguish a task of a project from a task of another one.
So, I was wondering about the possibility to add the name of the first parent group to the SUMMARY node (i.e. [group1] task7 ), in the ics file.

Hope it's quite clear what I mean :o


jtjm 2009-07-30 02:34 AM

I'd like to see this feature generally (not just in iCal). At the moment, it isn't possible to generate a usable task list for each user (in iCal, PDF, HTML, whatever) because of the lack of group and sub-group names in the resulting report.

Often, a task name only makes sense in the context of its group/sub-group names, so not displaying them (or providing any option to do so) is a significant omission.

Francois 2010-07-05 02:29 AM

I'd like to see that too. I have fixed temporarily this problem by assigning different colors to different projects in OP. But this artifice only works in OP.

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