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Jochen Witte 2009-09-10 10:22 AM

Mail Clippings without Mail Content Possible?

clipping mails works great but has the disadvantage that it also clips all the content and attachments of a mail, which is not very convenient for me, since I process a lot of mail, which results in my iPhone being not able to load the OmniFocus database any longer. Besides that: I do not really need the content, I just need From, To, Subject, Date and the link to the "Original Message". Is there a way to achieve this?


Toadling 2009-09-10 12:40 PM

I usually open an email, select the desired content (typically a key line or phrase), and then hit my clipping shortcut. This creates an action in OmniFocus containing only the selected text and a link back to the original email message.


Jochen Witte 2009-09-10 11:16 PM

Sometimes it can be so simple. Thanks a lot Toadling!

Toadling 2009-09-11 05:28 PM

Glad I could help!


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