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mugenzi 2012-08-15 01:18 AM

WebDAV setup not working on iPad app

I am trying to use WebDav on the iPad app, but am having trouble. I get "Server error 501: unimplemented" when I try to connect to Otixo (, and "Server error 405: The server does not recognize WebDAV commands. This may be an invalid address" when I try to connect to SMEStorage (

Both Otixo and SMEStorage work fine from other apps (particularly the iWork apps), so I know the problem is not with them. I have tried multiple times, and am certain I am not mis-typing any details.

Can you please help, as I am otherwise going to struggle using Omniplan on the iPad.



SMEStorage 2012-08-23 04:49 AM

Hi, this Ana from SMEStorage. We did some fairly detailed checking on our side and the issue is that the WebDav implementation does not support Etag, amongst some other things that are non standard that we could get around, but the lack of Etag support means that we could not add an exemption for this implementation.

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