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d4st 2013-04-10 09:42 AM

Updates? [A: yes, but no timetable for delivery.]
I was just looking to see when the last time OmniGraffle was updated and it says August of 2012. Is that right? It's been over over 6 months since the last update?

As a heavy user of OmniGraffle this is disconcerting. There are a lot of features that need to be cleaned up/added/removed and to see no updates for this long makes me want to look for replacement software that gets more attention. Please tell me I'm just missing something here.

Brian 2013-04-10 03:23 PM

We haven't shipped any updates in a while, but OmniGraffle is very much alive and under active development.

(No, we don't have a timetable yet for when the next update might be.)

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