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Tinchohs 2013-09-25 06:30 PM

Issue synching iPad with Omni Server.
Hi, I wanted some guidance on the following synching issue. Last night I opened the iPad version of OmniFocus. It said that my database needed update. I chose to keep the version from the server and when it synched, I got an empty database.

[U]Some considerations[/U]:
-In my mac the dabase remains complete and unaltered.
-In the iPhone tha database is also complete and synched with the Mac.
-Only the iPad version of the database is empty.

[U]Actions Taken[/U]:
-I reseted the synching.
-I also setit up again sending the configuration from Omni Server.
-I deleted and re-installed the app, re-synching the database.

[U]In all cases is says[/U]:
-Synching database.
-Fetching remote database.

Yet the database is empty. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. Martin.

Lizard 2013-09-25 06:41 PM

Sounds like you took all the right troubleshooting steps!

If you are running iOS7 on your iPad and have a moderately large database, I am pretty sure this is a known issue which we are nearly finished a fix for. (It will have to go through Apple's review process, so I can't provide a firm availability date.)

Reducing the size of your database may work around this issue until the bug fix is available. You'd want to focus on deleting actions with lots of notes in them. (Attachments don't count in this particular case.)

Tinchohs 2013-09-26 08:04 AM

Thanks Lizard. I do have iOS 7 and I guess my database is large, given that it does not synch. Hopefully this will be solved soon. Appreciate it.

SteveBC 2013-09-28 03:34 PM

Same issue, big database
I'm running 1.6.4 on my iPad 3, which I just updated to iOS7 (7.0.2 now).

I also got the empty database, although my syncing process appears to be correctly set up.

I do have a very large database with a *lot* of notes. I use OF not only as a task manager but also as a PIM in many ways.

I will wait for 1.6.5.

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