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Splinky 2014-03-02 06:59 AM

OmniFocus Email to Inbox showing as sync client
I have noticed that in my sync client list within OF1 preferences I now have an additional client linked to my email to OmniFocus address.

I have been using this service for ages, but it has never shown up as a specific client.

The only explanation I can come up with is that I shared my unique email address with my wife so she can email tasks directly to my OF inbox.

So, two questions:

1) Is this new account actually her iPhone which has emailed in actions?; and
2) Will that new client impact my sync/database compression over time, as it will only ever be used infrequently?

psidnell 2014-03-03 12:41 AM

When I've used Omni's mail-to-inbox service in the past I've noticed this too, but it seems to be temporary.

Perhaps it adds itself as a client to submit the task and removes itself shortly afterwards.

Splinky 2014-03-04 07:56 AM

Aha, interesting! I've just checked my clients again, and the email service is no longer listed.

It seems your hypothesis may be correct.

Wim Lewis 2014-04-08 01:07 PM

Hi! Yes, psidnell is correct. When you use Mail Drop, the Mail Drop system registers as an additional sync client (named "Email-to-OmniFocus"). It will pretend to "sync" regularly, and eventually unregister itself after a period of inactivity, in order to avoid slowing down your sync and compaction times.

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