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Mixalis 2008-07-12 01:43 AM

Share settings to set up sync
I'm not usually this dim, honest.

I've downloaded the alpha version and told preferences to sync with iDisk. But I'm stuck on getting the sync settings from Mac to the device.

I see what appears to be the Airport icon and an instruction to "Click the Share Settings button on your Mac. Then tap in your username...."

So where is this Share Settings button.

I tried entering my .Mac username and password manually and syncing commenced but get a "payment required" error.

NOW SOLVED and I leave this on here for reference. The Share Settings button is on the OmniFocus Mac Preferences. I've now followed the instructions and am syncing. I'm a happy bunny. My mistake was to look on the Mac (system preferences, etc) rather than on the OF Preferences. Maybe the instructions could be expanded a little to cope with people like me!

wambli 2008-07-12 04:46 PM

Within OF I open prefs. I watched the movie on setup and it shows an orange Sync icon but I do not have it in prefs. all I have is ical sync icon. My file is on I can see it but when I click on "Get settings from mac" it just hangs. Says searching on bottom. If I click on middle menu icon I believe is the sync button it times out.

whpalmer4 2008-07-12 05:23 PM

You need to download the 1.1 sneaky peek, as mentioned elsewhere and repeated here for anyone who might find this post first. [URL=""][/URL]

billmcn 2013-05-08 08:40 AM

I don't see a Share Settings button. I've looked through all the menus and the tabs on the preferences pop-up. Where is it?

OmniFocus 1.10.4

steve_s 2013-05-08 05:13 PM

Hey Bill! You can find the Share Settings icon at the bottom of the Sync section of OmniFocus Preferences by clicking the disclosure triangle next to "OmniFocus for iOS devices can sync with..." Hope that helps!

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