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fudster 2009-06-11 02:06 PM

Checklists: this works great!
I expect that many, perhaps most of you folks already know this one, but I thought I'd share it in case.

OK, so I keep a handful of checklists. Some are for things I must remember while preparing for weekly events (ballgames, band gigs) and various kinds of ad-hoc outings (motorcycle rides and trips downtown).

For the weekly checklists, I used a recurring singleton project in OmniFocus (using [i]due[/i] date). I hated it because every week, my overdue task count would shoot up, and I usually couldn't review the list right away so the big red number nagged and bothered me.

So, I started looking for another solution - I was thinking that something outside of OF might be suitable - I could have a recurring task in OF, commanding me to go through my checklist, wherever it was.

Today I found the solution [i]inside[/i] OF. I set a singleton project to recur, like before. But, I just set the [i]start[/i] date of the project, not the due date. When the project is completed, a new one gets created again, set with the start date that I specified, but no due dates (and so, no overdue tasks). for some of my checklists, I'm using a recurrence of 1 min or 1 hour - so they essentially just reset themselves after they're completed. Sweet!

Now I just keep a folder near the top of my project list called Checklists, and they're in there, ready to serve me (and not to annoy me).

Tested on my iPhone too - works great! Just wanted to share - I hadn't heard about this, just decided to try it and see if it worked.

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