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wok4 2009-09-01 12:43 PM

Arrrrggghhh... Sidebar drives me crazy
Good morning!

My list of projects/contexts contains items, which are quite long.

And every time I drag the sidebar a little wider to read the names, after clicking some other perspective, its jumps back to unusable small...

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for help


Greg Jones 2009-09-01 12:56 PM

The sidebar width and column width, display, etc. are all set by the 'Layout' option in Perspectives. It sounds like you have some perspectives saved with Layout checked, so those perspectives will remember the old sidebar position, unless you set the sidebar and take a snapshot of the perspective.

wok4 2009-09-01 11:33 PM

OK, I found it: Its NOT Layout. You have to check "Expansion" (whatever that means), and then the windows keep size...


Greg Jones 2009-09-02 01:14 AM

Expansion controls which items and folders are expanded and collapsed in the view, so it's curious that checking expansion would have any affect on saving the width of the sidebar.

hackeron 2011-03-14 12:48 AM

This is one of the reasons why everyone says OmniFocus is too difficult to use. It's not because of feature bloat, it's because of silly defaults and inability to find the features :(

Thanks for the tip about "Expansion" - I had to go into "Show Perspectives" and tick it for every single perspective. The behaviour is still unpredictable, buggy and frankly broken though as resizing the contexts sidebar resets the width you set for the Projects and Inbox sidebars :/

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