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Ward 2007-11-09 10:27 AM

JavaScript bug: popup window doesn't come to the front
I'm developing a Web page that uses JavaScript to open a small popup window at the surfer's request.

[CODE]var mypopup ="popup.html","popup","width=200,height=200");[/CODE]

It's easy for the surfer to click in the main browser window and overlay an existing popup. Another attempt to open the popup would appear to fail because the window already exists. So I added a focus() to bring an existing window to the front:


Unfortunately, that focus() call appears to be a no-op in OmniWeb 5.6 on my Mac Pro. It works fine in Safari 2.0.4 and Firefox on Mac OS X 10.4.10 and Explorer 6 on WinXP.

Actually, Safari doesn't need the focus() because brings an existing window to the front.

Before posting this note, I decided to test popup behavior on my iBook G4. OmniWeb 5.6 behaves just like Safari.

Now I wonder if the problem I'm having on my Mac Pro is due to the Intel CPU or a conflict with one of my numerous embellishments to Mac OS X. My iBook is running a more "vanilla" Mac OS X.

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