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tballard 2013-12-17 10:53 AM

OmniPresence and OmniPlan
I'm a bit confused on the use of OmniPresence with OmniPlan since I cannot access my OmniPresence files on my iPad using OmniPlan for iOS. If I "publish" my OSX OmniPlan 2 files directly to OmniServer, then I can open them from the Server Repository on my iPad. Is there any way to directly sync OmniPresence files to OmniSyncServer so that they are directly available to OmniPlan for iOS?

Is direct OmniPresence support planned for OmniPlan for iOS at any time in the foreseeable future?

Lizard 2013-12-18 03:30 PM

Hmm... I think there's a misunderstanding here.

What feature of OmniPresence do you want in OmniPlan?

The OmniPlan publish/subscribe feature is essentially document syncing (such as OmniPresence provides) plus change tracking. So if multiple people are subscribed to the same document, you can see all their changes and accept or reject them. So subscribing to a published document on your iPad (and then publishing any changes you make there) will provide the same feature as OmniPresence.

(OmniPresence doesn't allow you to accept or reject changes individually, only whole files.)

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