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kellysue 2010-08-15 10:16 AM

Filing Projects
I keep my projects filed as either WORK or HOME and within WORK, in folders by client and project. If I create a new project on the iPad, I can't figure out how to file it. I think I must be missing something obvious.


MutantSquid 2010-08-15 11:44 AM

Well, if you're creating these projects in the inbox, just select the project, then select "move" and then move them to the appropriate folder. This will only work with a project however. If its a single action, you need to select the action, then select "project" and then choose the appropriate project to file the action in (this assumes that your project is already in the correct folder).

whpalmer4 2010-08-15 11:47 AM

If you want to move a project into a folder, tap on the project's header to get the editor window. Tap the Info button if that section wasn't previously selected. Tap the Move button, and you'll get a list of folders. Tap the folder where you want it to go.

If, once you have it in the proper folder, you want to reorder the contents of the folder, go to the Project view in the sidebar, and drill down into that folder. Then tap the gear menu and choose Edit Sidebar (need to have the iPad in landscape orientation for this to be present). Drag the projects into the order you want using the three parallel lines at the right hand end, then tap Done.

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