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bradgg 2007-06-19 03:22 AM

iCal consolidation errors
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I'm trying to consolidate a bunch of calendars in iCal into the calendars created by OF. I exported the various calendars and then reimported them into the appropriate OF calendars. What's happened is that "Sync with iCal" starts and then, at some point I can't figure determine, the process errors out (images 1 and 2)

Additionally, when I try to sync again after dismissing the error, I get an error message: Client com.omnigroup.OmniFocus is already participating in a sync" (see image 3). If i quit and relaunch OF, I start the sync process again, but I end up with another error similar to screen grabs 1 & 2.

Any ideas?

bradgg 2007-06-19 03:25 AM

iCal Consolidation error addendum
Oh, and yes, I did do a few iCal backups, both before and during the process. You think I'm [I]nuts[/I]? :)

Now reverting and waiting...

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